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Toe Bender Fuzz


Our take on the classic Tonebender MkII circuit: we fattened it up a bit yet kept the original vintage tone. Loaded with three select germanium transistors and a NOS PIO tone cap, these guys are full of fuzz, buzz and splat depending on how hard you dig into the strings.

Like all our devices, each pedal is hand-built, fine-tuned using a mix of new and old (NOS) parts & tested at proper volumes. Every transistor is tested and selected for optimal tone and low background noise. True-bypass switching.

This pedal was built with the classic design in mind: 9V battery only. We can add a DC power jack for no extra cost if asked. Only use power supplies with isolated outputs. No daisy-chaining.

All our pedals are built by hand, one at a time. Depending on current stock and workload, pedals can take up to 5 days before shipping. Pricing in Canadian Funds.

As reviewed by Premiere Guitar (Oct2016/The Pedal Issue)

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