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Supa Fuzz


Our take on the classic and rare Marshall Supa Fuzz. This device is pretty thick & fat-sounding by design, so we tried to stick as close to the original schematic as possible. Because we usually test our pedals at ungodly loud volumes or use our fuzz in front of cranked amps, the only tweak we made was to add a slight gating to the sound. Killer germanium fuzz in the Tonebender family.

Like all our devices, each pedal is hand-built, fine-tuned using a mix of new and old (NOS) parts & tested at proper volumes. Every transistor is tested and selected for optimal tone and low background noise. True-bypass switching.

This pedal was built with the classic design in mind: 9V battery only. We can add a DC power jack for no extra cost if asked. This device is positive ground, so only use power supplies with isolated outputs. No daisy-chaining.

All our pedals are built by hand, one at a time. Depending on current stock and workload, pedals can take up to 5 days before shipping.

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