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Scavenger Fuzz


Our take on the classic Burns Buzzaround circuit. Using a mix of three NOS germanium transistors and vintage tone caps, we've increased the fullness of the circuit while slightly lowering the gain in order to improve on dynamics, clarity and crunch. Keep in mind, this is still considered a high gain device. We kept the standard controls as we think the way the gain and timbre interact provide the best tonal palette. Try using this pedal to boost an already cooking amp to hear some killer overtones.

Like all our devices, each pedal is hand-built, fine-tuned using a mix of new and old (NOS) parts & tested at proper volumes. Every transistor is tested and selected for optimal tone and low noise. Housed in a Hammond 1590P enclosure (6.02″ x 3.27″ x 1.99″). True-bypass switching.

The device is positive ground and uses 9V battery only. We can add a DC power jack for no extra cost if asked. Only use power supplies with isolated outputs. No daisy-chaining.

We also offer a  ” Limited Russian Scavenger Fuzz”. Built with New Old Stock Russian diodes, paper-in-oil (PIO) caps & select germanium transistors. Some serious Cold War-era stuff. This version is darker, grittier & less compressed. Just make a note in the cart if you want this version

All our pedals are built by hand, one at a time. Depending on current stock and workload, pedals can take up to 5 days before shipping. Pricing in Canadian Funds.

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