Toe Bender Fuzz – Souk@SAT 2015

In honor of the Souk@SAT 2015 edition, we’re going to be crafting two limited edition Tonebender Mk2’s aka the ‘Toe Benders‘. We’re going to try and stay true to the original design, but there will be a few slight tweaks. These are probably the most ‘vintage-sounding’ devices we’ve crafted. Loaded with three select germanium transistors and a NOS Russian PIO tone cap, full of fuzz, buzz and splat. We will be sharing a booth again with our good buddy (and master builder) Millimetric Instruments. Come by, say hi and buy some swag!

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Custom Amps for Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

One of my favourite tones is a fuzz pushing a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe, so it’s no surprise one of my favourite recorded guitar tones is that of Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats. They reached out to me to provide a back line for their 2015 North American tour, but were looking for something a bit more powerful than the usual 5E3’s. Since I didn’t have anything ready to go, I did what I do best: I decided to build two amps from scratch in four weeks. We decided on a Bassman 5F6A circuit, but in a 2×12 configuration. I didn’t play around too much with the circuit, but I did use 120v/240v power transformer, which gave me two center tap options. After a lot of testing, I went with the higher voltage center tap and added an adjustable bias pot in order to fine tune the amps’ sweet spot. We loaded the amps up with Eminence Legends and new production Tung Sol tubes. They sound amazing and can take a beating.

From all the compliments I received from both the band and the sound engineers, I’d say the mission was a complete success.

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Toetags Headquarters

This has been a long-time coming for us. We’ve been wanting to give our customers the proper environment to try our pedals and amps and it’s finally here. You can demo all our products at any volume in a professional setting. We have a wide selection of amps, guitars and basses and a full drum kit. This allows our customers the opportunity to try our pedals and amps in a proper band mix if needed. So come over, hang out and get loud. Send us an email to check the schedule or to book a consultation.