Handcrafted Amplifiers & Fuzz Pedals

Toetags Electronics is all about analog. From a small combo cranked within an inch of it’s life to a high headroom amp with a fuzz driving it…we love it all! With our 20+ years of experience spent chasing our own tone through hundreds of amp and pedal combination, we offer musicians help in finding the sound they want. Experienced, knowledgeable and passionate, we strive to build high quality, toneful devices.

Fuzz Pedals

Our pedals are handbuilt one by one and each component is handpicked & tested for the perfect tone. Our formula of new and old parts (NOS) achieves a harmonically rich and balanced fuzz.


Specializing in vintage-spec tube amplifiers, Toetags Electronics makes quality handwired amps with the modern musician in mind. We strive to build a quality product that sounds great and is road-worthy.

Repairs and Service

Full amplifier servicing available from a simple tube change to complete rebuilds. We also offer full setups and repairs for electric guitar and bass. Pickup and delivery service available. Please contact us for further details.


All our custom amps and pedals as well as our ever-growing collection of vintage amps are available for rent. Whether it’s for a quick gig or for a studio session, we’re sure to have what you need. Contact us for more information.

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